I was so honoured to capture this beautiful winter wedding. In the days leading up to the big event we were wondering if Auckland weather was going to play ball, with a week full of wind and rain we weren’t sure what would be thrown at us on the wedding day. Well man were we stoked! Devonport pulled out all the stops and we were blessed with one of those sunny, crisp July days! The ceremony was held at the beautiful St Leonards Chapel in Belmont, it was such a joy filled day! We then explored some of my favourite Devonport locations for their creative session and ended the night at McHugh’s Cheltenham. It’s truly a blessing when your “day on the job” consists of being surrounded by so many happy people. Trinette was brimming with excitement the whole day and her energy was infectious! Josh and Trinette is was such a pleasure working with you and your awesome bridal party. Also had to mention- best dance party ever. You can see how much love you have for each other in your photos and also for everyone that you chose to spend your special day with. Biggest blessings to you both! ENJOY X

Flowers: Chloe Sundgen Floristry

Hair and Makeup: Olga Gill